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Christine Barone Jan 27, 2021 8:00 AM
Painting Your Heart Workshops
Painting Your Heart Workshops

Christine describes hereself as an Ex-Coloring Book Queen; ex-ad agency owner; and ex-nonprofit marketing/outreach specialist. She is currently helping people experience emotional wellness through the process of making art, through Paintint Your Heart Workshops.

Color and art have been a part of Christine's life since day one. She was destined to start a business that uses the power of color to heal. That’s what Painting Your Heart Workshops are all about. As Head Facilitator, she works with nonprofit and for-profit organizations, serving children/teens, trauma victims, the aging population, cancer survivors, veterans, corporate employees, women’s groups, and anyone who needs a creative outlet to feel better. 


Bobbie Casalino-Lewis Feb 24, 2021