International service is an Avenue of Service that is dedicated to causes that build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world, including the promotion of peace.

Build A Better Benin (BABB)

  • On an annual basis, our Club partners with the organization, Build A Better Benin, a group that promotes health and wellness through the operation of an orphanage and school in Benin, Africa.
  • We regularly underwrite the annual salary of a full-time teacher for the school and have sponsored the completion of a new residential facility in the orphanage, the construction and operation of a sustainable chicken coop and chickens for a food program, as well as the establishment and operation of a women-owned garment/accessories business providing needed income to area families.

Chapala Volunteer Fire Department

  • For numerous years, our Foundation has proudly worked with a Rotary Club in Mexico near Lake Chapala/Ajijic to support the Chapala Fire Department, who at the time did not have the uniforms or equipment to fight fires and save lives.
  • Our Foundation formed a partnership with “Los Bomberos” of the Los Angeles Fire Department to bring much needed equipment to Mexico, including a donated working ambulance. 
  • Our Foundation continues to fund several training trips to Los Angeles for the Mexican firefighters to train at the Los Angeles Fire Academy, and also for new equipment to keep the firefighters safe.
  • Disaster Aid USA

  • District Humanitarian Trips

  • Jacaranda School, Malawi

  • Walk for Peace

  • Project Amigos, Mexico