Meet Peter


Past President

Where are you from originally? If not from LA, how did you end up here?
I am from Sydney Australia and I came here for four days on a world travel excursion and I've been here for nearly 40 years as I met a beautiful woman in Marina Del Rey and now I have two  daughters, Ravi a surgeon and Briohny Kate, an international Yogi star plus two beautiful grandchildren Taylor Jewel and Sydney Jack.
Tell us about your occupation.
I am in Real Estate with an emphasis on Real Estate Management of single family,  estates and units offering Concierge Services to the discerning.
Why did you join Rotary and what is your favorite Rotary experience?
I joined Playa Venice as I was advised  by a local Rotarian Linda Black, a well known Realtor, that this was the Vibrant Club for me. A memorable Rotary moment  amongst many is feeding the homeless at Midnight Mission as well as visiting the international rotary convention in Seoul Korea in 2016 and seeing 70,000 Rotarians in one location all with the same friendly attitude doing good in the world. 
What does your perfect weekend look like?
My perfect weekend is being with family and friends cooking and celebrating our love for one another.