Meet Greta



Where are you from originally? If not from LA, how did you end up here?
Originally, I am from Germany. Together with my family, I relocated to sunny California 4 years ago for my job.
Tell us about your occupation.
As VP Business Strategy & Integration my responsibilities are very diverse, from more strategic topics around our acquisitions and our digital initiatives, to rather operative steering of our Academy and Digital Studios.  In any case, working in the Beauty Care industry in Los Angeles, is truly exciting!
Why did you join Rotary and what is your favorite Rotary experience?
Since I was little, my father was an active member of a Service Club in Germany, so I have been brought up with the understanding that giving back to the community is essential. Joining Rotary was a logical step to realize this also here in LA. My favorite Rotary experience is quite some years ago, when I participated at INTEROTA in Egypt, the Rotaract youth conference. It was great to meet all those young engaged Rotaractors from around the globe. In case my husband reads this, I should probably also add that another favorite Rotary experience was meeting him while organizing a Holiday celebration & gift collection for kids in an orphanage, where he was organizing from Rotaract side and I organized on behalf of my Professor who was responsible for Rotary youth initiatives in his club – meeting my husband trumps of course ;-)
What does your perfect weekend look like?
Before March 2020, I would have said: “A weekend with nothing to do and no plans”.  Now I would say: “A weekend where I was still able to put in at least some activities for the kids and us”.  I am not that selective any more, grateful we are healthy and safe…