Playa Venice Sunrise
United States of America

PVS Rotary is supporting the Mar Vista Family Center (https://marvistafc.org/) for food distribution every Wednesday.

From 8:45 AM to 10:30 AM at least three volunteers from our club will be needed to help Lucia and the rest of the volunteers 1) Unload the food truck 2) Classify boxes of food 3) Set up each table with a volunteer or two to hand out boxes.

Every week 75 to 100 boxes of food get distributed right in our neighborhood!

Families start to line up for this food distribution around 5 AM.

Our community is so grateful for what the Mar Vista Family Center provides. And of course, our generous club is right there to help out.

We are looking for support currently for all the Wednesdays in October, November, and December. Can you help? Please contact Jamie and her know which Wednesday or Wednesdays could work for you. It’s heartwarming to know how we contribute to feeding people and keeping families above water during these tough times. Thank you!