Neighborhood Watch
Jan 20, 2021 8:00 AM
Arnie Corlin
Neighborhood Watch

Arnie Corlin of Peelian Consulting LLC will be educating and sharing information with us on how a Neighborhood Watch can help to control crime and nuisances, while reducing use of force and incarceration.

For many years prior to establishing Peelian Consulting, Arnie began as a rental property owner and developerspecializing in purchasing properties in areas plagued by gangs, narcotics, and other community issues. Then, collaborating with community crime prevention partners including law enforcement, school safe passage programs, neighborhood, and business watch organizations and gang intervention, Arnie strives to improve quality of life in communities as a process. 

Arnie has volunteered with Los Angeles Police Department and as a Director with the Los Angeles South Chamber of Commerce, he has provided forums for community members throughout the city and elsewhere on how to control crime and nuisance. As a Specialist Volunteer, Arnie has worked as a Reserve LAPD officer and also with various LAPD Divisions including South Bureau’s Criminal Gang and Homicide Division identifying and analyzing CCTV data after incidents.

Arnie & his wife Debbie live in Los Angeles.