Craft Talk
May 20, 2020
Paola Melis
Craft Talk
Paola's parents are from Sardegna (Italy). They immigrated to Switzerland (the French Part) where she and her older sister were born and raised.  Her summer vacations were spent in Italy visiting extended family, either in Sardegna or other parts of Italy.
In Switzerland, Paola earned a CFC in business administration, focusing on accounting.  All of the big corps were asking for English speaking recruits, so she came to Southern California as an au pair in 1989.  She stayed for a year and went to Santa Monica College to learn English as a second language.  She fell in love with the people, the California way of living and so much more!   Paola's cousin Marinella was curious about her description of California and followed Paola as an au pair in 1989, and is still here today.  
In 1990 Paola went back to Switzerland, but she returned to LA in 1994, 3 days prior the Northridge Earthquake.  Paola is still shaking and rattled to this day, however, it did not, ultimately, send her back to Switzerland.   She is single, professional, loving her community, family, friends, and ready to give back and make a small difference.