Dear Members and Friends,
It is my pleasure to write to you as President of our Club!
I’ve been thinking of a motto that would drive our club to the next level and would translate my vision for the club. Communicating with many of you lately, feeling your support and finally the beautiful family atmosphere at the demotion party, made me settle on a simple one, maybe naive for some, which is “BE A FAMILY”
 The family is an intertwining of relationships of love: love between the couple, the parents’ love towards the children and vice versa, the love of grandparents for their grandchildren, the love of uncles and aunts, etc. The family is therefore a treasure chest, a jewel, a mystery of love.
Likewise for our club, our first duty, as our new Rotary International Jennifer Jones said, is to “focus on the comfort and care of our Rotary family.” I intend, with your help and suggestions, to direct several activities and parts of our meetings to foster that.
Let’s never place any kind of activity, either service or fellowship, before the spirit of being a family!
Joe Chehade